Free and Paid Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog Fast

Blogs were born as simple diaries in order to share one’s personal experiences, blogs quickly became the “megaphone” through which one can make one’s own opinions heard in the world, share one’s own knowledge to help others and inform the public on topics that do not find space in the big mass media.


What makes them so important is that everyone can create them without spending money and without the need for special technological knowledge. Just a hint of goodwill and, if you propose interesting content, you can get a fair audience success.

How to Get More Readers to Your Blog

Writing really good content isn’t enough to promote a blog in the 21st century. Writing good content and not promoting it is a huge mistake many beginners make. These two processes literally depend on each other. They demand an equal amount of time and efforts for successful results.

There are two types of promotion – free and paid. You can use both of them or try each of them to understand which works the best for you particularly. The whole point is that you place a link to your blog on different websites and social media accounts. The only difference is that paid methods require a certain payment. But there is nothing complicated. Today, you can easily buy a place for your link via a credit card, which is very fast and easy.

Free Promotion

blog promotion with youtoube

  • YouTube. You create a video on YouTube, add qualitative content to it, and offer more content outside of the video, placing a link to your website.
  • Social media. Always share a link to your website on the social media accounts. Use social media to its full extent. The best way to do it is to share each link differently. For example, on Instagram, you can share it in the form of a question. Add an attractive picture to your link. Or you can create a little post complementing a link.

Paid Promotion

  • Sponsored Update Ad. LinkedIn Sponsored Update Ad provides visitors with the means to reach more niche audience than just usual followers. This program allows you to get the right audience, which makes the most sense for your website. This program is convenient in its diversity. You can promote your blog in different formats – posts, videos, presentations, etc.
  • StumbleUpon Paid. The program helps to distribute every kind of content – from articles to pictures. In this program you can choose a targeting audience by age, location, device, selecting from more than 450 categories in finance, fitness, fashion, etc. Moreover, you can monitor your blog performance in real time. Here you will pay per visit, being able to cancel the program anytime.

So, choose the method, which works for you the best and get the traffic growth as soon as possible.